Fugu San creates a powerful territory where time and space is tangible. Fugu San is not alone but in partnership with her environment, compressing the space between performer and spectator. 

With intense body focus, energy and gaze, she creates atmospheric cameos that serve to manipulate time and space with intriguing nuances. 

  Drawing the audience deep into her internal world, with her secret narrative hidden under unwavering composure, she embarks on a mysterious journey enticing the audience into a transcendent space that makes us aware of each unfolding moment and physical transformation.

Published Review of this Work

Creator/performer: Lisa O’Neill   
Soundscape: Emma Pursey     
Lighting Design: Matt Scott, Lisa O’Neill
Costume: Sandra Anderson    
Set: John Nobbs
Video Documentation: David Granato
Video Editor: Elizabeth Greitz
Commissioned by the Brisbane Powerhouse Centre for the Live Arts

Performance History
L'attitude 27.5º, Brisbane Powerhouse 2000
Scope, The Performance Space, Sydney 2001
Bodyworks, Dancehouse, Melbourne 2002
New Territories, Glasgow, Scotland 2002
The Asia Contemporary Dance Festival, Osaka, Japan 2002


'Lisa O’Neill gives one of her incredibly disciplined and focused performances in Fugu San. She eerily appears to float into the space in a long black gown, the insistent speeding tap-tap soon revealing to emanate from her red pointe shoes. A cycle of entrances and exits, strange stage traversals, shifting sound-scapes and transformations in appearance makes for a hypnotic dance reverie.’        RealTime, 2000



'O’Neill is a vital performer, more than just the pay-off of her disciplined training-Suzuki on top of an orthodox dance background. Absorbed in kinetic ritual we are absorbed in her absorption. She manipulates space and time with mesmerising nuances’                               RealTime 2000

‘In Fugu San, we once again observe the intense, idiosyncratic and intriguing presence of Lisa O’Neill.  The Suzuki-trained performer’s presentation is highly theatrical and dramatic.  O’Neill’s presence seems simultaneously otherworldly and organically earthy; she delivers distinctive and unconventional movement…O’Neill is a compelling performer.’                                                          The Courier Mail, 2000

Fugu San