Alternately haunting and playful, the performance leads us on a journey of moods which traces the physical story of shared space. In the absence of text, the unspoken/unspeakable is heightened...

  This exploration originated in the performance of the collaborative short work 'The Soup Waltz' by O'Neill and Christina Koch in 1995 at The Crab Room performance space.


Created and performed by Lisa O’Neill and Christina Koch
Choreography- Lisa O’Neill
Music- Trent Arkley-Smith, Kerryn Joyce
Costumes- Sandra Anderson
Lighting Design- Matt Hill, Lisa O’Neill
Video Documentation - David Granato
Video Editor - Elizabeth Greitz

Produced by QPAT and Metro Arts
Funded by Arts Queensland
and Metro Arts – ‘Stage X Festival’ 1997




''Blackout. A menacing thundering begins. The atmosphere builds to an almost suffocating claustrophobia. Suddenly, lights go up on the surreal vision of performers, Lisa O’Neill and Christina Koch, costumed in electric blue crinolines. They move as if on rollers-continuously up and down the length of the space. We are unnerved by the thundering made by these blank-faced zombies. With their legs, feet and movements concealed by their enormous hooped skirts, their stomping remains an ‘open secret’. With crinoline as metaphor and sweat as evidence of the enormous energy required for this sort of containment and repression, the breath-taking score worked to unlock emotional sub-texts. The musicians became sculptors, sensing the figures in the cold, hard marble.’                                        Shane Rowlands, Realtime