The work comprises the amalgamation of three solos created over a period of 5 years, following the journey of the Yeti, a small curious woman with heavy feet on an exploration through time and space.

  Each solo was created in response to the walls and architecture of a particular performance space, with physical explorations through these varied environments determining the transition of moods and movement vocabulary.

  Dressed in a long garment and fluffy bowed slippers, the Yeti stomps ferociously around the perimeter of the space in a ritual dance, marking out her territory.

  With every stomp of her small fury slippered feet, the sweet yeti stamps her way around new spaces leaving imprints of past places.


Creator/performer - Lisa O'Neill        
Costume - Sandra Anderson        
Lighting Design - David Lee, Lisa O’Neill
Music - Nirvana, David Motion, Sally Potter, Trent Arkley-Smith, Kerryn Joyce,
Teardrop Explodes
Video Documentation - David Granato
Video Editor - Elizabeth Greitz

Performance History 
Three Frank Women, Metro Arts, Brisbane 2000
New Moves Festival, Glasgow, Scotland 2000
Queensland Art Gallery 2000
Brisbane City Gallery 2000


'There’s more than a dash of inspired grotesquerie in Lisa O’Neill’s solo but there is also a rare poetic delicacy which emerges as she sheds her layers of red oriental garb. The charismatic O'Neill shades in a host of moods through gesture and gaze - astounding, brilliant, utterly captivating.’                                        The Herald, Scotland 2000


‘She has a searing presence; She is funny, confrontational, and erotic.  She left her audience cheering more.’                                                                                                                   The Observer, London 2000

‘Lisa O’Neill possesses a curious china doll quality in her Sweet yeti. Deadpan and intense, O’Neill showed a highly individual movement style, arms as silky as her dress, striding into the powerful light beams with a rubbery nonchalance’                  The Scotsman, Scotland 2000

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