Teardrop Explodes was a site-specific work created in response to the ground floor foyer space of a high rise building in the Central Business District of Brisbane. Performances took place during and outside office hours.




Created and performed by Lisa O’Neill
Music - Teardrop Explodes
Video Documentation - David Granato
location - Waterfront Place, Brisbane, Australia

Produced by Ausdance and The Cherry Herring
As part of Cityscapes - Australian Dance Week 1999



''Lisa O’Neill’ emerges from her ultramarine satin hoop skirt and threatens to dive into the lobby fountain. With signature Suzuki physical control, she advances toward the glass exterior wall. Facing us from inside, her staccato duet with the window uses contrasts, repetition and a strong sense of rhythm and playfulness to evoke desire, frustration, and resistance until, stalled in her repetitions, swamp-man reappears to carry her limp body away. A Brilliant sense of drama inherent in movement detail and dynamics informs this well crafted performance by a consistent and self-assured choreographer’                                        India n Mahjoeddin - Realtime

Teardrop Explodes