The room in which it was created inspired Yeti in E Minor. The room was located at ‘The Cherry Herring’. The Cherry Herring was an independent dance space run by a collective of local artists in Brisbane during1996/97.

   The room was initially white with four walls. In preparation for this work, the interior walls were removed, leaving only the steel bracing. The floor, ceiling and two remainder stonewalls were painted black.

The room took on the appearance of a cage and inspired the next reinvention of the ‘Yeti’ character, trapped, caught and confined to a cage. Yeti in E Minor is the second of O’Neill’s solo dance works to feature the ‘Yeti’ character.



Created and performed by Lisa O’Neill
Music- Nirvana, soundtrack to Orlando by David Motion and Sally Potter
Lighting Design- Matt Hill, Lisa O’Neill
Video Documentation/Edit- David Granato
As part of ‘Tanked’ -  The Cherry Herring 1996















'Yeti in E minor starts with Lisa O’Neill stomping her faux fur feet around a confirmed perimeter. Here “the yeti is caged” a continuation of last years Sweet Yeti. O’Neill has a quirkily idiosyncratic style and, boldly lit, this is a visually striking piece.'
                                                          Olivia Stewart- The Courier Mail

Yetti in E Minor