#14 (Project1 14) was a multimedia performance work, presented in Spring Hill Baths, Brisbane for the 1996 Brisbane Festival of the Arts. The work was presented in the winter-empty pool shell and enveloped and involved audience interaction in a unique cross-artform multimedia event that drew on elements of the pool's history to explore notions of space, boundaries, personal barriers, gender, display and observation.

  Large scale computer projections on the pool floor, an audience situated high above in the balconies, shadow inspired movement and imagery, and state of the art visual and aural technology were some of the elements that immersed and confronted the viewers as they were drawn into a complex blend of sporadic, virtual interactive experiences and environments.
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Creation & Performance: The Number #14 Collective
Lisa O'Neill, Keith Armstrong, Brian Lucas, Panos Couros, Anthony Babicci
Assisted by: Alexander Karydis, Anne Wulff
Video Documentation: Randall Wood/Julianne Lawson
Video Editor: Randall Wood/Keith Armstrong
Funding Australia Council for the Arts, Hybrid Arts/ Brisbane Festival
Support: QUT Cinova, Splash Acquatics, Rod Wissler

Project #14
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