The gingham clad, slightly kooky but very kind Madame Lark and Miss Lark collect lost or discarded “once made-with-love” toys and bring them home to be loved again. Along the way, they show us a home-style slide show of how these much loved treasures came to be lost. A highly imaginative work, fluff delves into the secret lives of toys and plays with the way we endow toys with personalities.

  Fluff has been acclaimed for its originality, warmth, clever use of comedy and extraordinary combination of song, movement, sampling, projection and audience participation. The audience is drawn into the performance by the endearingly quirky characters who persuade them to create the soundtrack and invite them to wander around the fantastically kitsch retro set. Fluff is a simple, joyful and humorous tale told with a twist.


Original concept/director: Christine Johnston
Performers: Christine Johnston, Lisa O’Neill and Peter Nelson
Choreography: Lisa O’Neill
Music: Peter Nelson
Lighting Design: Matt Scott
Dramaturg: Therese Collie
Slideshow images: Kylie Burke
Costume design: Selene Cochrane
Set design: Christine Johnston
Fluff was commissioned by the Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Performance History
Premiered Queensland Performing Arts Centre 2002
The Studio, Sydney Opera House 2004
The Windmill Performing Arts Festival, Adelaide Festival Centre 2004
Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane 2006



'A brilliant piece of work. Juxtaposing new technology with handmade toys, this performance was inspired, funny, dark, theatrically clever and sophisticated. I strongly recommend you see it.’                                                                               Lowdown Magazine 2003