A woman enters an ice exhibition and allows herself to be drawn into the enigmatic appeal of the male figured seen in Auguste Rodin’s sculpture, ‘The Kiss’. His seductive appeal satisfies her need to be romanticized and pushes her to delve into unexplored feelings, which challenge her perceptions of what is real and what is imagined.

  Rodin’s Kiss’ is about allowing the emotionality and physicality of the performance delivery to be an internalising experience, as dealt with by the performer. Hence the narrative movement lends an impassioned gaze on the feelings and perceptions of a woman caught in the grip of first love, illuminating our view into the human spirit. It is a performance piece that evokes our sense of the journeying soul.

Creation & Performance: Lisa O’Neill/Caroline Dunphy
Writer/story director: Peter Berkahn
Sound design: Brett Collery
Lighting Design: Paul Harrold, Marcus Pugh, Matt Scott, Lisa O’Neill
Set Design: Steve Langton
Costume Design: Sandra Anderson
Video Documentation: David Granato
Video Editor: Elizabeth Greitz
Funding Australia Council for the Arts
Support: Brisbane Powerhouse

‘I acknowledge the brilliance of the artistic team that created this complex work. Lisa O’Neill and Caroline Dunphy have achieved a very distinctive aesthetic that challenges taken for granted notions of ‘theatre’ in their balancing of contemporary dance, drama, music, sound and visual art.’             Christine Comans – Amplifications           

‘The level of physical precision is at it should be in the sacred space – extra-ordinary – and we can immediately sense that this is a quality event; at last, performers who approach their work with the same rigour as an elite athlete.’                                      Simon Woods – Amplications
‘O’Neill’s embodiment of the character is complete and consistent…her eclectic phrases, grounded physicality and theatrical delivery brought on one of those revelatory moments when movement as a way of articulating does seem endless in its possibilities.’
                                                                    Erin Brannigan – Real Time