"A dark and quirkily comic journey through bureaucratic insanity"

  In a storybook corporate enterprise, The Pipe Manager has been directed by the shadowy and shady Board of Directors to offer up the impossible. Take a perfectly good idea and turn it into something else. It’s insane, it’s unhinged, it’s kookily frustrating, it’ll never work,…….it’s business.

  This uniquely imaginative and inspiring dance theatre work places the audience inside a live illustrated storybook - where the performer and characters journey their way through a foreboding landscape rich in symbolism and metaphor. The Pipe Manager takes a satirical look at how we draw upon our powers of creation and invention in the struggle to maintain control over our destinies.

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Project History
Premiered Brisbane Powerhouse - 2009
Development Stage 1 – 2007
Six-month creative development housed and supported by Ausdance Queensland through its artist-in-residency program at The Bell Tower Choreographic Workshop space with public studio showing. Creator/director/performer - Lisa O’Neill,
Writer - Peter Berkahn, Illustrator - XTN (Christian Ronquillo), Dramaturgical consultant - Kathryn Kelly,
Video production – Jaxzyn, New media consultant - Keith Armstrong, Prop construction - David Lee, Costume - Glen Brown, Sound edit - Ramsay Hatfield, Funded by Arts Queensland, supported by Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

Development Stage 2 – 2008
Six-month creative development housed and supported by the Brisbane Powerhouse with public showing. Creator/performer - Lisa O’Neill,
Writer - Peter Berkahn, Illustrator - XTN (Christian Ronquillo)Sound design and composition – Guy Webster, Dramaturg - Kathryn Kelly,
New media consultant - Keith Armstrong,
Video production – Jaxzyn, Costume - Glen Brown. Funded by The Australian Council for the Arts, supported by Playlab.

Creative Personnel
Creator/director/performer - Lisa O’Neill
Writer - Peter Berkahn
Illustrator - XTN (Christian Ronquillo)
Sound design and composition – Guy Webster
Dramaturg - Kathryn Kelly
Lighting design – David Walters
Artistic consultant - Keith Armstrong
Assisted by - Jaxzyn
Costume - Glen Brown

Presented by Lisa O’Neill and Brisbane Powerhouse
Supported by MAPS Managing & Producing Services
Sponsored by Playlab and Posterbill
Funded by Arts Queensland




'Those prepared to step and think outside the box
should find The Pipe Manager somewhat a gem.’
The Courier Mail

          'She remains, to our joy, a dancer on the  
          edge of infinity’
          Realtime Magazine

    'Extraordinarily imaginative! Highly innovative!
    Deeply aesthetic. I was stunned and inspired
    by it.'

    Audience feedback



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