Come in, sit down and relax and follow the fantastic voyages of 'Ling Change', our youthful heroine, as she journeys through a complex maze of alternate outcomes caused by you, the audience within the installation space.

  transit_lounge, a multimedia installation opened onMay 26, 1998 in the new foyer space of Metro Art. It was later shown at Artspace in Sydney.

  Lisa performed all of the nine cartoon-like characters in the show, which were digitally composited into dynamic, computer-generated landscapes. The way in which all of these characters relate to one another was designed to adapt and change in real time, based upon different participant activity and changing atmospheric conditions within the exhibition space (detected by sensors).

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Keith Armstrong: Artistic Director, Digital Video Production
Lisa O'Neill: Brisbane-based Choreographer, Performer
Guy Webster: Sound Artist
Gavin Sade: Interface Designer
Callum Lui: Set designer
Andrew Goode: 3D modeller
Sean Young: 3D modeller
Ross Anderson: 3D modeller

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