Liquid Gold consisted of several intensely quirky performances, accurately coordinated across multiple time zones. It demonstrated a new kind of net-work, using the Internet as the artery that spreads a new performance experience of networked 'liveness' across the world

  The work employed a custom built chat server ('idea animator'), running in the physical live venues and on all Internet located audience's browsers. This allowed writers in both Australia and England to describe what they saw locally in their own performance venue - putting back some of the 'liveness' lost through the lo-fi images and sounds the web currently allows

  Liquid Gold used its novel approaches to present one woman's journey of reconciliation - a trip that will allow her to reconcile the ghosts of her chequered past and travel towards the new futures that her vivid imagination are now making possible,

(See project website for full details)



Keith Armstrong: Instigator and Artistic Director, Digital Video Production
Lisa O'Neill: Brisbane-based Choreographer, Performer
Guy Webster: Brisbane-based musician
Gavin Sade: Brisbane-based Interface Designer
Leah Shelton Brisbane based performer
David Granato: Brisbane based director of photography
Deni Stoner: Brisbane based emerging designer
Hugh Watson: Brisbane based writer
Gavin Winter: Brisbane based network specialist
Kelli Dipple and Matt: Media Directors at Site Gallery, Sheffield

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