Australian artist Lisa O'Neill is a dancer, performer, choreographer, performance director and educator working across mediums in dance, theatre, contemporary performance and new-media.

A multi-skilled artist, Lisa has developed a broad body of performance works over the past 25years. Her solo dance works have toured nationally and internationally to the United Kingdom and Japan. Significant works include THE PIPE MANAGER (published as a GRAPHIC NOVEL) and THE PINEAPPLE QUEEN.

Lisa was a founding and core member of the new media company, TRANSMUTE COLLECTIVE from 1998 - 2009 presenting interactive performance installations in galleries across Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States of America. Highlights include performances at the Institute of Contemporary Art (England); Bios Gallery (Greece); Prix Ars Electronica Cyber Arts Festival (Austria); National Review of Live Art (Scotland)); the National Art Museum of China (Beijing) and Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

Lisa worked and toured as an actor with FRANK THEATRE. from 1995 – 2007. Highlights include performances at The Toga International Arts Festival; Tadashi Suzuki’s Theatre Olympics, Shizuoka International Arts Festival (Japan); Theatre European Regions Arts Festival (Czech Republic); MKFm International Youth Theatre Festival (Croatia) and the Sabana Foundation Adana Theatre Festival (Turkey).

Lisa is director of the Bachelor of Acting and Performance program at TAFE QUEENSLAND, having taught at the Institute since 2001.

Lisa is a founding and core member of the performance collective RRAMP HOUSE who for the past decade has devised multi-artform performance works touring extensively in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong and the United States of America. Tour-ready productions include PIANISSIMO, FLUFF and RRAMP - the Collector, the Archivist & the Electrocrat. www.rramphouse.com

In 2018 Lisa co-established the theatre collective ROBERT THE CAT