Sweet Yeti I was the first solo dance work created and performed by O’Neill. The performance took place at ‘The Crab Room’. The Crab room was an artist run performance space located in Brisbane in the year 1995.

   Sweet Yeti I marks the first of four solo dance works created by O’Neill to explore the theme of ‘Yeti’.  Other works include Yeti in E Minor 1996, Sweet Yeti II and Sweet Yeti III 2000/2006, and O’Neill’s new dance/theatre work titled The Pipe Manager.






Created and performed by Lisa O’Neill
Music- Beck
Lighting Design- Matt Hill, Lisa O’Neill
As part of ‘Tripping on the left foot of belief’ - The Crab Room
Brisbane Fringe Festival 1995
Photography - Melanie Gray









‘She stomps on tattered shoes into the long narrow performance space, all concentration, moving forward along a line looking straight ahead into the moving light source. She switches her half smiling attention to the audience flips into a set of sideways almost Indian dance poses, half turns of the body. Her attention moves to her assistant with the light as he moves to another part of the space. The shadow of the tiny dancer shoots up across the wall. Her movement is sometimes eccentric, sometimes reminiscent of something ‘oriental’ sometimes ‘exotic’ sometimes minimal. Loud grunge by beck interspersed with silence counterpoints the performance. She completes the piece with a perfect swan dive into her tatty shoes. She brings the house down with her’.                     Keith Galasch, Realtime


‘A mix of Beck’s depressing music with Lisa O’Neill’s brutal dance style was SWEET YETI. A dancer with amazing flexibility and strength accompanied by dramatic lighting and shadow-play, made for a captivating performance.’                           Modern Movement Journal